Dallas Coleman, Owner & Founder

I am a current full-time student studying law and business. Since my time at Mizzou I have enjoyed the open road and constantly being on the move. I have traveled to nearly all the continental 48 states via open roads. I hope to share my tips, tricks, routes, and more with you here. I currently reside in St. Louis, Missouri where I run this website and a couple of other businesses. I love Travel Slue because it allows me to showcase all the cool things the world has to offer and tips to those who want to know.

Travel Slue is all about helping you live life on your terms. We believe that in our new age of business and world travel, we can combine the two to create this new age of travel and work. With most things being able to be done remotely it has opened the door for us to travel, adventure, and explore things we have never been able to before. This blog will help explore some of those ideas and hopefully inspire you to, like the name of the blog suggests, take a direct turn in life to live it on your terms!
Dallas Coleman